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Only at Heritage Farms Market can you go to one website to buy everything from chickens, bees, other fowl, farm supplies etc. to clothing, jewelery and even educational courses! Wow, talk about variety!

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Pet Products Company

Pet Pro Supply Company is a distributor of premium pet care products, designed to meet the superior standards of animal trainers, handlers, veterinarians, groomers, and pet enthusiasts around the country. Our comprehensive professional-grade offering includes some of the world’s highest quality equipment and supplies for pet safety, pet training, pet travel and pet care.

Furry Naturals is for dog owners who want to keep their fur baby smelling clean longer with a proven and 100% organic solution. Not only do our products remove odors using natural ingredients, they are also safe for people, pets and the planet. Shop, or maybe even join today (it's free!) You can get 20% commission and the chance to win affiliate prizes! 

Pet Magasin

At Pet Magasin we are constantly committed to bringing you the best possible pet products at a quality you can beat, for the prices you can afford. We have products for cats, dogs & aquariums, we even sell wholesale!

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 Quality Cage specializrs in a line of Cages, Accessories, and Feed for Every Small Animal - Built with each animals needs in mind. We dont cut corners, and we dont make OK products. We make kick ass products that last forever. NO Compromise. So if you have a small pet on your life shop and join today (15% commission in sales of you join free)

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We offer beautiful apparel and clothing that will help you or your loved ones look stunning, while at the same time you show your commitment with wildlife conservancy.

Part of our profits are donated annually to Animal support charities. These organizations are free to use the funds in the way they consider more important to protect the wildlife.

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Holistapet- for all your pets CBD needs!

At Holistapet, your pet’s health and comfort comes first.We’re dedicated to bring you new, natural remedies to reduce your pet’s pain or discomfort without all the side effects of traditional prescription drugs. Used to help your pet with:

*Relief of pain, *inflammation, *arthritis, *digestive issues, *allergies, *skin problems, *seizures, *nausea, *cancer, tumors, *anxiety, *phobias.

CBD oil for pets can be used to promote cardiovascular health, wellness & appetite. 

TrainPetDog is a leading website dedicated to the welfare of Dogs . The aim was to promote public interest in dogs and convey by all possible means an unbiased presentation of the use of dogs .

 Our site born out of a need to educate dog lovers across the globe on how to train and take care of their pets easily at home, without breaking the bank. .

The Shrimp Farm

The Shrimp Farmn freshwater aquarium shrimp for both the beginner, and long time shrimp hobbyists!

Since 2005 The Shrimp Farm has sold and shipped live shrimp, and has guaranteed live arrival on all shipments in the United States, and recently also setup in Canada.

Keeping shrimp as pets is becoming more popular in North America! In particular algae eating shrimp are an excellent choice to add to a planted aquarium, or to have in a dedicated shrimp tank.

Tortoise Town

TortoiseTown is a family owned and operated business that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred tortoises, box turtles, and aquatic turtles, chameleons, geckos, and iguanas for sale. Buy with confidence that your tortoise or box turtle will arrive overnight via UPS or FedEx, well packaged and insulated with heat or cold packs added as needed to provide a safe reliable trip from our tortoise farm to your home or business. We ship year-round to all states in all temperatures!